Tsavo West National Park covers an area of about 9,065 sq. km, holding a wide range of habitats, wildlife and spectacular showcase of geological activities. This vast expanse of savannah, lying equidistant between Nairobi and Mombasa and linked with Tsavo East National Park along the Mombasa Road, is a vibrant volcanic arena painted by green hills, lava flows, springs and large permanent rivers.

With Mount Kilimanjaro sitting on its flank, this volcanic area abounds in hills like the Chyulu and Chaimu crater, in terms of lakes, rivers and springs it’s blessed by Lake Jipe, Tsavo River and Mzima springs. Other geological particularities such as Shetani lava flow, Shetani caves and outcrops rock and ridges such as the Roaring rock. All these landmarks and nature treasures erupted millions years after the energetic shake up of the earth of Tsavo. All this offers protection to so many endangered African wildlife. The park has also an important history: first, for its cruel “Man-Eaters of Tsavo” story, secondly, for being a major battle field in World War 1 where British and German troops battled for territory.

A visit to Tsavo West National Park is best combined with excursions to Chyulu hills National Park and Taita Hills Game Reserve. Other attractions in the vicinity include Lake Jipe and Tsavo East National Park.

Tsavo West National Park is an excellent place for visitors who enjoy walking; it offers a number of nature trails and the opportunity to explore the diverse habitats that the park provides, Chaimu volcanic crater and guides are available.